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Empress Elisabeth and Franz Joseph I arrive at Miramare to meet Ferdinand Maximilian and his wife Charlotte

Cesare Dell'Acqua (22 July 1821 in Piran – 16 February 1905 in Brussels) was an Italian painter known for historical works.

Life and career[edit]

Cesare Dell'Acqua was born in Piran, the son of Andrea and Caterina Lengo. He first studied in Koper, but by 1833 he had relocated to Trieste. From 1842-47 he attended the Venice Academy of Fine Arts where he studied with Ludovico Lipparini, Odorico Politi and Michelangelo Grigoletti.[1] In 1848 he continued his studies with Louis Gallait, where he specialized in works representing historical events. Between 1852-77 he completed a number of commissioned works in Trieste that established his reputation as a painter.

In 1873 Dell'Acqua participated at Universal Exhibition in Vienna and also exhibited in London the following year. This resulted in international commissions for his work. At the end of his career, he settled in Brussels, where he completed numerous paintings for use as book illustrations.[2]

In 1855 he married Carolina van der Elst and the couple had two daughters: Eva and Alina. His daughter Eva Dell'Acqua went on to become a noted singer and composer.


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