Cesare Paciotti

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Cesare Paciotti
Born (1958-01-01) 1 January 1958 (age 59)
Civitanova Marche
Nationality Italian
Education DAMS, University of Bologna
Occupation Shoe designer
Known for Shoes
Parent(s) Giuseppe & Cecilia Paciotti
Relatives Paola Paciotti (sister)
Website http://www.cesare-paciotti.com/
Labels Cesare Paciotti, Paciotti 4US

Cesare Paciotti (born 1 January 1958) is a shoe designer from Italy. His eponymous company makes luxury shoes and other leather goods, including jewelry and watches, and he is famous for its dagger logo.


Cesare Paciotti was born from the marriage between Cecilia and Giuseppe Paciotti in Civitanova Marche, a small city in the province of Macerata in central Italy (on the east side facing the adriatic sea).[1] His father had founded a shoe company in 1948.[2] Cesare studied at the prestigious DAMS (Drama, Art and Music Studies) degree course of the University of Bologna and then travelled around the world before inheriting the family business in 1980. He took the main creative role at the newly renamed Cesare Paciotti company, whilst his sister Paola looked after operational matters. He has two children, Ludovica and Giuseppe Paciotti from his first wife and a three-year girl from his second marriage.


There are three labels owned by the company Cesare Paciotti: Cesare Paciotti and Cesare Paciotti 4US, dedicated to the production and selling of shoes and bags; "Cesare Paciotti Jewels" is the collection of jewellery.

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