Cessna CW-6

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Model CW-6
Cessna CW-6.jpg
Role Six-seat tourer
Manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company
Designer Clyde Cessna
First flight 1928
Variants Cessna DC-6

The Cessna Model CW-6 was a 1920s American six-seat touring aircraft built by the Cessna Aircraft Company.

Design and development[edit]

Following development of the four-seat Model A the company designed a six-seat aircraft, the Model CW-6. The aircraft first flew in November 1928, powered by a 220 hp (164 kW) Wright Whirlwind J-5 radial engine. The aircraft was displayed at the 1929 Auto Show in Wichita, Kansas. A scaled-down four-seat version, the Cessna DC-6, was also developed.


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