Cessna EC-2

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Model EC-2
Cessna EC-2.jpg
Role Two-seat tourer
Manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company
Designer Eldon Cessna
Variants Cessna EC-1

The Cessna Model EC-2 was a 1930s American two-seat tourer built by the Cessna Aircraft Company.

Design and development[edit]

Cessna Aircraft was suffering in the depression and downturn in the economy following the Wall Street crash. Eldon Cessna, the son of Clyde Cessna designed a low-cost, cheap-to-operate aircraft to meet the new conditions. The Model EC-2 was powered by an Aeronca 30 hp (22 kW) E-107A engine. It did not go into production and the lone prototype crashed years later when a student stalled it with an instructor. As a first step in the project, a single-seat version the Model EC-1 was developed as an ongoing evolution of the Cessna CG-2 Primary Glider, using small engines.

The record keeping of Cessna is confused, as far as the question of more than one of the EC-2 being produced. Photographic evidence so far indicates only one was produced, N403W. The plane has picked up the nickname "the Baby Cessna." The color was red with a creme side stripe.[1]

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