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Cestica is located in Croatia
Location of Cestica in Croatia
County Varaždin
Latitude 46.37°N
Longitude 16.13°E
Mayor Mirko Korotaj (HNS)
Surface (mi²)  ?
5,678 (municipality)
Time zone (UTC) UTC+1 Central European Time

Cestica is a village and municipality in Croatia in the Varaždin County. According to the 2001 census, there are 5,678 inhabitants, the majority of whom are Croats.

In 1998, a memorial-cross was raised to victims of the Yugoslav Partisans from 1945 and 1946 in the town.[1]

Flag of Municipality of Cestica


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Coordinates: 46°22′12″N 16°7′12″E / 46.37000°N 16.12000°E / 46.37000; 16.12000