Cetatea Albă County

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Județul Cetatea-Albă
County (Județ)
Coat of arms of Județul Cetatea-Albă
Coat of arms
Romania 1930 county Cetatea Alba.png
Country Flag of Romania.svg Romania
Historic region Bessarabia
Capital city (Reședință de județ) Cetatea-Albă
Established 1925
Ceased to exist Administrative and Constitutional Reform in 1938
 • Type Prefect
 • Land 7,595 km2 (2,932 sq mi)
 • Total 340,459 (1,930 Census)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Cetatea-Albă was a county (județ) of Romania, in Bessarabia, with the capital city at Cetatea-Albă.


The county neighboured Odessa Oblast of USSR to the east, the Black Sea to the south-east, the counties of Tighina to the north, Ismail to the south and Cahul to the west.


The county consisted of six districts (plăṣi) : Cazaci, Tarutina, Taslâc (with the seat at Arciz), Tatar-Bunar, Tuzla (with the seat at Cetatea-Albă) and Volințiri. Between 1918 and 1930 it comprised eight districts:

Coat of arms[edit]

The Coat of Arms featured a tree on the sinister and the fortress of Cetatea-Albă on the dexter.


According to the Romanian census of 1930 the population of Cetatea Albă County was 340,459, of which 20.9% were ethnic Bulgarians, 20.5% ethnic Ukrainians, 18.5% Romanians, 17.3% Russians 16.3% ethnic Germans, 3.3% Jews, 3.3% Gagauz and 0.1% Armenians. Classified by religion: 79.0% were Orthodox Christian, 16.3% Lutheran, 4.7% Jews.

After 1938[edit]

After the 1938 Administrative and Constitutional Reform, this county merged with the counties of Lăpușna, Orhei and Tighina to form Ținutul Nistru.

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