Dresdner-Cetelem Kreditbank GmbH

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Dresdner-Cetelem Kreditbank GmbH
Industry Financial services
Founded 2001
Headquarters Munich, Germany
Key people
Denis Corjon, Gerd Hornbergs (Managing directors)
Products Consumer lending
Subsidiaries Cetelem Services GmbH
Website www.commerzfinanz.com

Dresdner-Cetelem Kreditbank GmbH was a German financial services corporation headquartered in Munich. The company was a Joint Venture of BNP Paribas Personal Finance S.A. (formerly Cetelem S. A.) and Commerzbank AG. The distribution of ownership was 50,1% BNP Paribas Personal Finance S.A., and 49,9% Commerzbank AG. The company was renamed as Commerz Finanz Group, with no change of shareholder structure.

Primary product of the company is consumer lending. As an issuer of credit cards the bank also offers revolving credits. Sales of loans often take place in direct cooperations with trade partners, which utilize loans in their marketing efforts.

The bank issues a yearly, representative study of consumer behavior in Europe.

Dresdner-Cetelem Kreditbank GmbH (now Commerz Finanz Group) is a member of the Federal Association of German Banks.