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Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla
Clade: Artiofabula
Clade: Cetruminantia
Waddell et al. 1999

The Cetruminantia are a clade made up of the Cetacodontamorpha (or Whippomorpha) and their closest living relatives, the Ruminantia.[1]











Order Artiodactyla (even-toed ungulates)

    Suborder Artiofabula (terrestrial even-toed ungulates)  
         Cetruminantia (ruminates, pigs, and peccaries) 
              Ruminantia (antelope, buffalo, cattle, goats, sheep, deer, giraffes, and chevrotains) 
                   Family Antilocapridae(pronghorn)  
                        Genus Antilocapra, 1 species
                   Family Bovidae,135 species (antelope, bison, buffalo, cattle, goats, and sheep) 
                        Subfamily Aepycerotinae (impala antelope) 
                             Genus Aepyceros, 1 species
                        Subfamily Alcelaphinae (antelope) 
                             Genus Alcelaphus, 1 species (hartebeest) 
                             Genus Beatragus, 1 species (Hunter's hartebeest or hirola) 
                             Genus Connochaetes, 2 species (wildebeest) 
                             Genus Damaliscus, 4 species (bontebok and tsessebes) 
                        Subfamily Antilope (antelope; specifically gazelles and relatives) 
                             Genus Ammodorcas, 1 species (dibatag) 
                             Genus Antidorcas, 1 species (springbok) 
                             Genus Antilope, 1 species (blackbuck antelope) 
                             Genus Dorcatragus, 1 species (Beira) 
                             Genus Eudorcas, 4 species (gazelles) 
                             Genus Gazella, 7 species (gazelles) 
                             Genus Litocranius, 1 species (gerenuk or giraffe-necked antelope) 
                             Genus Madoqua, 4 species (dik-diks) 
                             Genus Nanger, 3 species (gazelles) 
                             Genus Oreotragus, 1 species (klipspringer) 
                             Genus Ourebia, 1 species (oribi) 
                             Genus Procapra, 3 species (Asian gazelles) 
                             Genus Raphicerus, 3 species (grysboks and steenbok) 
                             Genus Saiga, 1 species (saiga antelope) 
                        Subfamily Bovinae (antelope, bison, buffalo, cattle) 
                             Genus Bison, 2 species (bison) 
                             Genus Bos, 6 species (cattle and relatives) 
                             Genus Boselaphus, 1 species (nilgai antelope) 
                             Genus Bubalus, 5 species (water buffalo) 
                             Genus Pseudoryx, 1 species (saola antelope) 
                             Genus Syncerus, 1 species (African buffalo) 
                             Genus Taurotragus, 2 species (elands) 
                             Genus Tetracerus, 1 species (four-horned antelope) 
                             Genus Tragelaphus, 8 species (nyalas, kudus, bushbucks, and other antelope relatives) 
                        Subfamily Caprinae (goats, goat-antelope, sheep, and muskoxen) 
                             Genus Ammotragus, 1 species (Barbary sheep, a goat-antelope) 
                             Genus Arabitragus, 1 species (Arabian tahr) 
                             Genus Budorcas, 1 species (takin) 
                             Genus Capra, 8 species (goats and relatives) 
                             Genus Capricornis, 6 species (serows, goat-antelope) 
                             Genus Hemitragus, 1 species (Himalayan tahr) 
                             Genus Nemorhaedus, 4 species (gorals) 
                             Genus Nilgiritragus, 1 species (Nilgiri tahr) 
                             Genus Oreamnos, 1 species (mountain goat, a goat-antelope) 
                             Genus Ovibos, 1 species (muskox) 
                             Genus Ovis, 7 species (sheep) 
                             Genus Pseudois, 2 species (blue sheep) 
                             Genus Rupicapra, 2 species (chamois) 
                        Subfamily Cephalophinae (duikers, antelope) 
                             Genus Cephalophus, 18 species (duikers) 
                             Genus Philantomba, 3 species (duikers) 
                             Genus Sylvicapra, 1 species (common duiker) 
                        Subfamily Hippotraginae (antelope) 
                             Genus Addax, 1 species (addax) 
                             Genus Hippotragus, 2 species (roan and sable antelope) 
                             Genus Oryx, 4 species (oryx and gemsbok) 
                        Subfamily Pantholopinae (Tibetan antelope) 
                             Genus Pantholops, 1 species 
                        Subfamily Peleinae (grey rhebok) 
                             Genus Pelea, 1 species 
                        Subfamily Reduncinae (African antelope) 
                             Genus Kobus, 6 species (lechwes, waterbucks, kobs, relatives) 
                             Genus Redunca, 3 species (reedbucks) 
                   Family Cervidae, 55 - 94 species (deer, elk, and moose) 
                        Subfamily Capreolinae (New World deer) 
                             Genus Alces, 1 - 2 species (Eurasian elk and moose)  
                             Genus Blastocerus, 1 species (marsh deer) 
                             Genus Capreolus, 2 species (roe deer) 
                             Genus Hippocamelus, 2 species (Andean deer) 
                             Genus Hydropotes, 1 species (water deer) 
                             Genus Mazama, 10 - 23 species (brockets) 
                             Genus Odocoileus, 2 - 3 species (mule deer[s] and white-tailed deer) 
                             Genus Ozotoceros, 2 species (pampas deer) 
                             Genus Pudú, 2 species (pudús) 
                             Genus Rangifer, 1 species (reindeer or caribou) 
                        Subfamily Cervinae (Old World deer) 
                             Genus Axis, 1 species (chital) 
                             Genus Cervus, 4 - 17 species (sika deer, red deer, wapiti, elk) 
                             Genus Dama, 2 species (fallow deer) 
                             Genus Elaphodus, 1 species (tufted deer) 
                             Genus Elaphurus, 1 species (Père David's deer) 
                             Genus Hyelaphus, 4 species (hog deer) 
                             Genus Muntiacus, 12 - 16 species (muntjacs) 
                             Genus Panolia, 1 - 3 species (Eld's deer) 
                             Genus Rucervus, 1 - 3 species (Barashingha deer [and relatives?]) 
                             Genus Rusa, 4 - 7 species (sambars, Philippine deer, relatives)       
                   Family Giraffidae, 2 species (giraffes, okapis) 
                        Genus Giraffa, 1 species (giraffe) 
                        Genus Okapia, 1 species (okapi) 
                   Family Moschidae, 4 - 7 species (musk deer) 
                        Genus Moschus, 4 - 7 species (musk deer) 
                   Family Tragulidae, 6 - 10 species (chevrotains, or mouse deer) 
                        Genus Hyemoschus, 1 species (water chevrotain) 
                        Genus Moschiola, 1 - 3 species (chevrotains) 
                        Genus Tragulus, 4 - 6 species (mouse-deer)  
              Whippomorpha (aquatic or semi-aquatic even-toed ungulates) 
                        Family Hippopotamidae, 2 species (hippopotamuses) 
                             Genus Choeropsis, 1 species (pygmy hippopotamus) 
                             Genus Hippopotamus, 1 species (giant hippopotamus or true hippopotamus) 
                   Cetacea (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) 
                        Mysticeti (baleen whales)   
                             Family Balaenidae, 2 - 4 species (right whales and bowhead whales) 
                                  Genus Balaena, 1 species (bowhead whale) 
                                  Genus Eubalaena, 1 - 3 species (right whales) 
                             Family Balaenopteridae, 7 - 9 species (rorquals) 
                                  Genus Balaenoptera, 6 - 8 species (true rorquals, including blue whales)  
                                  Genus Megaptera, 1 species (humpback whale) 
                             Family Cetotheriidae, 1 species (pygmy right whale) 
                                  Genus Caperea, 1 species (pygmy right whale) 
                             Family Eschrichtiidae, 1 species (gray whale) 
                                  Genus Eschrichtius, 1 species (gray whale) 
                        Odontoceti (toothed whales, dolphins, and porpoises) 
                             Family Delphinidae, 38 species (dolphins, orcas, and relatives) 
                                  Genus Cephalorhynchus, 4 species (blunt-nosed dolphins) 
                                  Genus Delphinus, 2 - 3 species (common dolphins) 
                                  Genus Feresa, 1 species (pygmy killer whale) 
                                  Genus Globicephala, 2 species (pilot whales) 
                                  Genus Grampus, 1 species (Risso's dolphin) 
                                  Genus Lagenodelphis, 1 species (Fraser's dolphin)
                                  Genus Lagenorhynchus, 6 species (false bottlenose dolphins) 
                                  Genus Lissodelphis, 2 species (right whale dolphins) 
                                  Genus Orcaella, 1 - 2 species (Irrawaddy dolphin [and relative?]) 
                                  Genus Orcinus, 1 species (true killer whale or orca) 
                                  Genus Peponocephala, 1 species (melon-headed whale) 
                                  Genus Pseudorca, 1 species (false killer whale) 
                                  Genus Sotalia, 2 species (tucuxi and Guiana dolphin) 
                                  Genus Sousa, 3 species (humpback dolphins) 
                                  Genus Stenella, 5 species (spotted dolphins and relatives) 
                                  Genus Steno, 1 species (rough-toothed dolphin) 
                                  Genus Tursiops, 3 species (true bottlenose dolphins)  
                             Family Kogiidae, 2 species (pygmy and dwarf sperm whales) 
                                  Genus Kogia, 2 species (pygmy and dwarf sperm whales) 
                             Family Monodontidae, 2 species (beluga and narwhal) 
                                  Genus Delphinapterus, 1 species (beluga whale) 
                                  Genus Monodon, 1 species (narwhal) 
                             Family Phocoenidae, 6 species (porpoises) 
                                  Genus Neophocaena, 1 species (finless porpoise) 
                                  Genus Phocoena, 4 species (common porpoises) 
                                  Genus Phocoenoides, 1 species (Dall's porpoise) 
                             Family Physeteridae, 1 species (common sperm whale) 
                                  Genus Physeter, 1 species (sperm whale) 
                             Family Ziphidae, 22 species (beaked whales) 
                                  Genus Berardius, 2 species (giant beaked whales) 
                                  Genus Hyperoodon, 2 species (bottlenose whales) 
                                  Genus Indopacetus, 1 species (tropical bottlenose whale or Indo-Pacific beaked whale) 
                                  Genus Mesoplodon, 15 species (smaller beaked whales) 
                                  Genus Tasmacetus, 1 species (Shepherd's beaked whale) 
                                  Genus Ziphius, 1 species (Cuvier's beaked whale
                             Superfamily Platanistoidea (river dolphins) 
                                  Family Iniidae, 1 - 3 species (Amazon river dolphin[s]) 
                                       Genus Inia, 1 - 3 species (Amazon river dolphin[s]) 
                                  Family Lipotidae, 1 species (baiji or Chinese river dolphin) 
                                       Genus Lipotes, 1 species (baiji or Chinese river dolphin) 
                                  Family Platanistidae, 1 - 2 species (Asian river dolphin[s]) 
                                       Genus Platanista (Asian river dolphin[s]) 
                                  Family Pontoporiidae, 1 species (La Plata dolphin) 
                                       Genus Pontoporia (La Plata dolphin)