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Ceuta is a Spanish autonomous city located to the south of the Strait of Gibraltar, in North Africa.

Ceuta may also refer to:

  • SS Ceuta, the name of four steamships of the Oldenburg Portuguese Line
  • Spanish destroyer Ceuta, an Italian destroyer sold to the Nationalist faction of the Spanish Civil War in 1938
  • AD Ceuta, a Spanish football team based in the autonomous city of Ceuta

Other places in the world:

  • Ceuta, a fishing port in the Mexican state of Sinaloa
  • Ceuta, a palafito village in the Lake of Maracaibo, Venezuela
  • San Isidro de Ceuta, a harbor in Zulia, Venezuela
  • Ceuta, a village in the province of Holguín, Cuba
  • Ceuta, a village in the province of Villa Clara, Cuba
  • Ceuta, a village in the department of Cundinamarca, Colombia