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Ceylon was the English name applied to the South Asian island nation of Sri Lanka until it repudiated its status as a Dominion and became a republic in 1972.

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Sri Lanka[edit]

  • Portuguese Ceylon (Ceilão), a Portuguese colony between 1505 and 1658
  • Dutch Ceylon (Zeylan), a Dutch East India Company territory between 1640 and 1796
  • British Ceylon, a British territory from 1815 to 1948
  • Dominion of Ceylon, a dominion in the British Commonwealth between 1948 and 1972
  • Jung Ceylon, the same English name was given to Jang Si Lang (modern day Phuket)


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  • Air Ceylon, the Sri Lankan national airline until 1978, then replaced by Air Lanka
  • Ceylon ironwood or Mesua ferrea, a plant native to Sri Lanka
  • Names of Sri Lanka
  • Radio Ceylon, the oldest radio station in south Asia, then replaced by Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation in 1967