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Coordinates: 44°44′48″N 0°32′54″W / 44.74680°N 0.54842°W / 44.74680; -0.54842

Château Bouscaut is a Bordeaux wine from the Pessac-Léognan appellation, ranked among the Crus Classés for red and dry white wine in the Classification of Graves wine of 1953 and 1959.[1] The winery and vineyards are located south of the city of Bordeaux, in the commune of Cadaujac.

In addition to red and dry white Grand vin the estate also produces the second wine Les Chênes de Bouscaut.


Viticulture began at the estate during the 18th century, though its reputation became established just before and after World War I.[2] Under the ownership of Victor Place the 18th-century chateau suffered a serious fire in 1962, and was rebuilt, before the estate was sold to an American syndicate in 1968, with Wohlstetter-Sloan installed as new owners. In 1980 Bouscaut was acquired by Lucien Lurton, the owner of Château Brane-Cantenac.[2]

The current owners of Château Bouscaut are Sophie Cogombles-Lurton Laurent Cogombles.


The vineyard area consists of 47 hectares, 40 of which are planted with the grape varieties 55% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Malbec. The remaining 7 hectares are cultivated with equal amounts of the white varieties Sémillon and Sauvignon blanc.

The Grand vin, Château Bouscaut, is annually produced in 100,000 bottles of the red wine and 20,000 bottles of the dry white. Of the second wines Les Chênes de Bouscaut (having replaced the former La Flamme de Bouscaut) there is annually produced 60 000 bottles of red and 25,000 bottles of the dry white. The estate is also connectected to the production of neighbouring estates Château Lamothe-Bouscaut and Château Valoux.


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