Château de Mesnil-Voisin

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The château de Mesnil-Voisin is a French château, located at the heart of the hamlet of "Mesnil-Voisin" in the commune of Bouray-sur-Juine in the department of Essonne.[citation needed]

Le château was built by Michel Villedo, one of the famous "Maçons de la Creuse".[1][2] It has an orangery, kitchens, coachhouses and workshops. At the centre of its communal courtyard a huge dovecote with 3000 niches and a wood-framed roof, and topped by a conical turret - it is rare in having its internal moveable staircase still intact.

The course of a canal bordering the rear of the château were entirely removed between 1999 and 2001. It has thus returned to its original course, leaving the Juine a short distance upstream of the château and rejoining it some distance downstream, just before the pont de Cochet.


Notes and references[edit]

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Coordinates: 48°31′13″N 2°16′33″E / 48.52028°N 2.27583°E / 48.52028; 2.27583