Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers

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Château de La Mothe-Chandeniers
Part of Nouvelle Aquitaine
Les Trois-Moutiers
Mothe chandeniers1.jpg
Bird's eye view of Château de La Mothe-Chandeniers
Château de La Mothe-Chandeniers is located in Poitou-Charentes
Château de La Mothe-Chandeniers
Château de La Mothe-Chandeniers
Coordinates 47°05′32″N 0°01′57″E / 47.0923°N 0.0326°E / 47.0923; 0.0326
Type Château
Site information
Open to
the public
Condition Ruin
Site history
Built 13th Century
Materials Stone
Demolished Abandoned in 1932

The Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers is a castle at the town of Les Trois-Moutiers in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region of France.


The Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers is a former stronghold of the Bauçay family, lords of Loudun. The stronghold dates to the thirteenth century and was originally called Motte Bauçay (or Baussay). The Motte Baussay was taken twice by the English in the Middle Ages and devastated during the French Revolution.

It was bought in 1809 by François Hennecart, a wealthy businessman. In 1857 it was sold to Baron Joseph Lejeune. In 1932, a major fire destroyed most of the buildings in the castle.[1]

In December 2017, 18,600 members of an online community raised €1,600,000, by paying at least €50 each, to purchase the castle with the aim of restoring it.[2]


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