Château du Girsberg

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Château du Girsberg
Chateau du Girsberg - 2017 (36152230580).jpg
The Château du Girsberg
Coordinates 48°12′13″N 7°18′26″E / 48.20361°N 7.30722°E / 48.20361; 7.30722Coordinates: 48°12′13″N 7°18′26″E / 48.20361°N 7.30722°E / 48.20361; 7.30722
Built 13th century
Original use Castle
Current use Ruins
Architectural style(s) Medieval
Designated 1841 & 1930
Château du Girsberg is located in France
Château du Girsberg
Location of Château du Girsberg in France

The Château du Girsberg (also Guirsberg, formerly named Petit-Ribeaupierre) is one of three castles (with the Château de Saint-Ulrich and the Haut-Ribeaupierre) which overlook the commune of Ribeauvillé in the Haut-Rhin département of France. It stands at an altitude of 528 m.

The Lords of Ribeaupierre built the castle, then named Stein (La Roche), in the 13th century. They rebuilt it after a fire caused by lightning in 1288. In 1304, they gave it to their vassals, the knights of Guirsberg, from whom the castle took its name. The Guirsbergs kept it until they died out in the 15th century. It was abandoned in the 17th century.

The remains currently visible date from several epochs:

  • 13th century : pentagonal keep
  • 14th century : inner court
  • 15th century : corps de logis

It has been listed since 1841 as a monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture.[1]


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