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Chérie FM
Chérie FM logo 2012.png
Broadcast areaFrance
Frequency91.3 MHz (Paris)
98.9 MHz (Lyon)
106.0 MHz (Marseille)
List of other frequencies
SloganLa Plus Belle Musique
FormatAdult contemporary music
OwnerNRJ Group
First air date

Chérie FM is a French radio station created in 1987 and belongs to the NRJ Group.


Chérie FM is created in 1987 in Paris by Jean-Paul Baudecroux on the then defunct frequency of Gilda la Radiopolitaine. Chérie FM then started broadcasting nationally in 1989 when the NRJ Group acquires the frequencies of Pacific FM.[1] Most frequencies of the station were affiliated to Chérie FM (but the Parisian frequency of Pacific FM was used to create Rire & Chansons).

In 1992, the NRJ Group decides to expand the Chérie FM network outside France, to launch Chérie FM Belgique in Belgium broadcasting only in French in Wallonia and Brussels. Chérie FM stopped broadcasting in May 2008, after 16 years of activity.[2][3]

A variant of the radio station on TV is launched by the NRJ Group on 12 December 2012, and is named Chérie 25. It broadcasts in France on TNT and in high definition. However, the programming is different from that of the radio station. Chérie 25 aims primarily to a female audience like Chérie FM, but the programming schedule includes magazines, documentaries as well as entertainment, TV series and movies.

Identity of Chérie FM[edit]


Since the creation of Chérie FM, several slogans were used:[4][5]

  • From 1990 till 1999: Écoutez, vous allez chanter ! or Si vous l'écoutez, vous allez chanter ! (Listen, you will sing!)
  • From 1999 till 2000: Jamais la musique ne vous aura fait autant de bien ! (Music never made you feel so good!)
  • From 2000 till 2004: Toutes vos chansons préférées (All your favorite songs)
  • From 2004 till May 2007: Douceur, émotion, passion[6] (Softness, Emotion, Passion)
  • From May 2007 till 2010: Les hits qui font battre mon cœur (The hits that make my heart beat)
  • From 2000 till November 2012: Vos plus belles émotions (The most beautiful emotions)
  • Since November 2012: Pop Love Music


Example of one of the webradio's current logos : Chérie 80's

Chérie FM is, like its sister station Nostalgie, offering 33 webradios specialized in various genres:[1]

Former or periodic[edit]

  • Chérie 1200 Émotions
  • Chérie After Work (now: Sweet Home)
  • Chérie Baby
  • Chérie by A.Manoukian
  • Chérie Cinéma
  • Chérie Cook
  • Chérie FM Garden Party
  • Chérie Golds
  • Chérie Italia (periodic)
  • Chérie Noël (periodic)
  • Chérie Piano Jazz
  • Chérie Romantic
  • Chérie Sade
  • Chérie Saint Valentin (periodic)
  • Chérie FM Sunshine
  • Chérie Tropique

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