Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

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Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

Chökyi Nyima (Nepali: छोकी निमा रिम्पोचे) (b. 1951[1]) is a Nepalese Tibetan Buddhist lama and tulku.[2]


Born in 1951,[1] in Nakchukha[3] Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche is the son of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche[1][2] who is considered one of the greatest Dzogchen masters of our time.[2] When he was only eighteen months of age, Rinpoche was recognized as the seventh incarnation of Drikung Kagyu lama Gar Drubchen.[1] Not long after being recognized as the tulku, Rinpoche was enthroned at Drong Gon Tubten Dargye Ling, in Nakchukha.[1] Rinpoche also studied under Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.[2]

Rinpoche and his family fled Tibet shortly before the Chinese invasion of Tibet.[1] Rinpoche and his younger brother, Tsikey Chokling Rinpoche soon enrolled at the Young Lamas Home School in Dalhousie, India.[3][4] At age thirteen, Rinpoche entered Rumtek Monastery[4] and spent eleven years studying the Karma Kagyu, Drikung Kagyu, and Nyingma traditions.[4]

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche left Rumtek in 1974,[1] and established Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal.[1]


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