Chōjagahamashiosaihamanasukōenmae Station

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Chōjagahamashiosaihamanasukōenmae Station
Chojagahama Station Apr 2008.jpg
Chōjagahamashiosaihamanasukōenmae Station, April 2008
Location Tsunoore 2273-17, Kashima, Ibaraki
Operated by Kashima Rinkai Railway
Line(s) Ōarai Kashima Line
Opened 1990
Signage showing one of the longest station names in Japan

Chōjagahamashiosaihamanasukōenmae Station (長者ヶ浜潮騒はまなす公園前駅 Chōjagahama Shiosai Hamanasu Kōenmae-eki?, "in front of the park of sea roar and rugosa roses by Chojagahama beach") is a train station in Kashima, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The station claims to have the longest name of any train station in Japan.[1]


Chōjagahamashiosaihamanasukōenmae Station is served by the Kashima Rinkai Railway’s Ōarai Kashima Line, and is located 48.4 km from the official starting point of the line at Mito Station.

Station layout[edit]

The station has one elevated side platform, serving traffic in both directions. There is no station building and the station is unattended.

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Ōarai Kashima Line
Kashima-Ōno - Kōyadai


Chōjagahamashiosaihamanasukōenmae Station was opened on 11 November 1990.

Surrounding area[edit]


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Coordinates: 36°01′53″N 140°37′08″E / 36.0315°N 140.619°E / 36.0315; 140.619