Chūbu-Tenryū Station

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Chūbu-Tenryū Station
Chubu tenryu Station Platform.jpg
Chūbu-Tenryū Station looking toward Sakuma Rail Park, August 2008
Location Sakuma-cho Hamba 15, Tenryū, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
Operated by Central Japan Railway Company
Line(s) Iida Line
Opened 1934
Previous names Sakuma; Nakappe-Tenryū (until 1943)

Chūbu-Tenryū Station (中部天竜駅 Chūbu-Tenryū-eki?) is a railway station on the Iida Line in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan. It is located 62.4 rail kilometers from the southern terminus of the Iida Line at Toyohashi Station.


Chūbu-Tenryū Station was opened on November 11, 1934. The initial plans called for the station to eventually be joined by a spur line to Tenryū-Futamata Station on the Tenryū Hamanako Line. On August 1, 1943, the Sanshin Railway was nationalized along with several other local lines to form the Iida line. All freight services were discontinued in 1982 Along with its division and privatization of JNR on April 1, 1987, the station came under the control and operation of the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central).

The station was originally named Sakuma Station (the name presently used by the next station), and renamed in 1935 as Nakappe-Tenryū Station and again at the time of nationalization as Chūbu-Tenryū Station. The latter of the two events of renaming was only a change in official pronunciation of the kanji name.[1]


Chūbu-Tenryū Station is served by the JR Central Iida Line.


Chūbu-Tenryū Station is a manned station with a single island platform, and a station building with a "Green Window" manned service counter. The station was also home to the Sakuma Rail Park, (closed November 2010) a museum with exhibits on the Japanese railway system in general, and the Iida line in particular, including numerous examples of locomotives and rolling stock.[2]

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Coordinates: 35°05′06″N 137°48′09″E / 35.085000°N 137.802564°E / 35.085000; 137.802564


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