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Chả is Vietnamese for “sausage”, more specifically referring to the Vietnamese variants of sausages. The word xúc xích also means sausage in Vietnamese, but refers to the pork-based Western "hot dogs" while "lạp xưởng" refers to Chinese sausages that are sweeter in flavour compared to the former two.

Chả can be made of several types of fillers:

  • pork (chả lụa)
  • deep-fried pork (chả chiên)
  • deep-fried cinnamon-flavored pork sausage (chả quế)
  • ground chicken (chả gà)
  • ground beef (chả bò)
  • fish (chả cá)
  • tofu or vegetarian (chả chay)
  • steamed pork loaf topped with egg yolks (chả trứng hấp)

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