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Ch aviaton logo a.png
Type of site
Civil aviation news, aviation data
Available in English
Owner ch-aviation Gmbh
Commercial Yes
Launched 1998 (1998)
Current status Online

ch-aviation is an airline intelligence provider based in Chur, Switzerland. It was founded in 1998 by Thomas Jaeger, former Head of Product Management of Mercator Asia.[1] In 2012, Swiss entrepreneur Martial Saugy and Max Oldorf (former Head of Finance at InterSky Airlines) acquired shares in the company.[2] Today the enterprise offers an aircraft, airline and airport database as well as consulting services.

The site maintains a 24-hour news feed covering global aviation news and events.

ch-aviation staff are located in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Croatia, Thailand and Zimbabwe.[citation needed]


ch-aviation operates an extensive aviation database covering the following aspects:

  • Airlines: with base, detailed fleet information, status, stock-market symbol, and other select features;
  • Airports: schedule data, information about aircraft operating at the airport, and other select features;
  • Aircraft: tracking 37,500 individual aircraft with operator, former operator, construction number, age, registration, status, and other features;
  • Schedules: schedules of 850+ airlines.


ch-aviation has published various analyses that have been cited within the airline industry. In December 2012 they revealed that the Bosporus & Gulf airlines have doubled their worldwide market share between 2007 and 2012.[3] Another analysis in April 2013 stated that more than 30% of all European regional airlines have ceased operation since 2008.[4]


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