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ChS4 [1]
Locomotive ChS4-072 2011 G1.jpg
Type and origin
Power typeElectric
BuilderŠkoda Works
Build date1963-1972
Total produced232
Gauge1,524 mm (5 ft)
1,520 mm (4 ft 11+2732 in) Russian gauge
Wheel diameter1,250 mm (4 ft 1 in)
Length19.980 m (65 ft 6.6 in)
Height5,240 m (17,191 ft 7 in)
Axle load20.5 t (20.2 long tons; 22.6 short tons)
Loco weight123 t (121 long tons; 136 short tons)
Electric system/s25 kV 50 Hz AC Catenary
Current pickup(s)Pantograph
Performance figures
Maximum speed160 km/h (99 mph)
Power output5,100 kW (6,800 hp)
OperatorsРЖД (RZhD), БЧ (BCh), УЗ (UZ)
LocaleRussia Russia
Soviet Union Soviet Union
Belarus Belarus
Ukraine Ukraine

The ChS4 (Czech: ČS4, Russian: ЧС4) is an electric mainline AC passenger locomotive used in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

ChS4T modification[edit]

ChS4T-284 in Tatarstan, Russia

To overcome some ChS4 shortcomings, in 1971 a modernized version of locomotive was released. It is known as ChS4T in USSR and as 62E in Czechoslovakia.


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