Cha (Korean surname)

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Not to be confused with Zha (surname).
Family name
Meaning lovely and beautiful
Region of origin Korean peninsula
Language(s) of origin Korean
Related names Che (Chinese)
Revised Romanization Cha
McCune–Reischauer Ch'a

Cha is a relatively uncommon family name in Korea. The Yeonan Cha clan is the only clan. The founding ancestor was Cha Hyo-jeon, son of Ryoo Cha-dal (류차달) (10th century AD). Most of the clan's members live in Gyeongsang, Hwanghae, and P'yŏngan provinces. In South Korea in 2000, there were 180,589 people named Cha. It is derived from the Chinese surname Che, written in the same hanja.

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