Cha Chi Ming

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Cha Chi-ming

Died28 March 2007 (aged 92–93)
Other namesZha Jimin
OccupationIndustrialist, entrepreneur, philanthropist

Cha Chi Ming
Traditional Chinese查濟民
Simplified Chinese查济民

Cha Chi-ming (1914 – 28 March 2007), GBM, JP, was a Hong Kong industrialist, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He was the Chairman of CDW International Limited, Mingly Corporation Limited, and Hong Kong Resort International Limited and also a member of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Preparatory Committee, a member of the Hong Kong Basic Law Drafting Committee, and a Hong Kong Affairs Adviser.


Cha was born in Haining, Zhejiang Province. He was a distant paternal relative of the wuxia novelist Louis Cha. He studied textile technology and graduated from Zhejiang University in 1931. In 1994, he donated US$20 million to create the Qiu Shi Science and Technologies Foundation. The Foundation awards prizes to Chinese scientists who have made significant advances in their fields.


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