Cha Katō

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Cha Katō
加藤 茶
Born Hideyuki Katō

(1943-03-01) March 1, 1943 (age 74)
Nationality Japan Japanese
Occupation Comedian, actor, drummer
Years active 1962–present

Cha Katō (加藤 茶, かとう ちゃ, カトウ チャ) (born 1 March 1943, Fukushima, Fukushima), also known as Kato-chan, is a male Japanese comedian and actor. His real name is Hideyuki Katō (加藤英文). Cha is one of the members of The Drifters and plays drums. His work with Ken Shimura, another Drifter, is well known in Japan. Many in Japan were shocked when it was announced in 2011 that he is married to a woman 45 years younger than him (making her 23 years old).

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