Chaabi (Morocco)

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Not to be confused with Algerian Chaabi.

Chaabi refers to several types of popular music of Morocco, combining rural and urban folk music.

Rural varieties include Jerra and Aïta. Several artists performing this genre are known, such as Hajib, Stati, Najat Aatabou, Senhaji and Khalid Bennani.

Urban varieties are called Sahli. Txtraordinarily with Cheb Bilal. Said Senhaji, has dueted with Reda Taliani. Zina Daoudia has performed with Cheba Zahouania. Other singers like Hamid El Qasry has performed with Cheb Khaled. Also, Faadhel Al Mazrou'eây (Khaleeji singer) has become famous with his Khaleeji-Cha'âby song "Le'khyan Jani" and "Ya Saheby" (featuring Said Senhaji). Emna Fakher, Tunisian singer, has covered the star song of Najat Aatabou "J'en Ai Marre".