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The Cordillera Real as seen from Lake Titicaca with Chearoco and Chachacomani in the center
Highest point
Elevation19,928 ft (6,074 m) [1]
Coordinates15°59′14″S 68°22′59″W / 15.98722°S 68.38306°W / -15.98722; -68.38306Coordinates: 15°59′14″S 68°22′59″W / 15.98722°S 68.38306°W / -15.98722; -68.38306[2]
Chachacomani is located in Bolivia
Location within Bolivia
Parent rangeCordillera Real
First ascent1947[3]
Easiest routeBasic Snow/Ice Climb

Chachacomani[4][5][1][6] (possibly from Quechua chachakuma a medical plant)[7][8] is a mountain in the Cordillera Real of the Andes Mountains, east of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.[2]

It is situated in the La Paz Department, Larecaja Province, Guanay Municipality, southeast of Chearoco. Some of the nearest mountains are Wari Umaña in the southwest and Qillwani in the northwest.[9][10]

Said to be one of the least climbed peaks in the Cordillera Real, the mountain has an elevation of 6,074 metres (19,928 ft) above sea level.[1] The measured height has never been accurately measured, and may differ by up to 20 metres (66 ft), but the peak is ascertained to be over 6,000 metres (19,685 ft) in height.[5] Notably, the deep and sheltered valleys around the mountain produce many distinct microclimates, which form lakes and other formations that support many species of birds.[11]

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