Chad's Gap

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Chad's Gap
Chad's Gap - Candide Thovex.jpg
Candide Thovex clearing Chad's Gap
Location Grizzly Gultch,
Little Cottonwood Canyon
Range Wasatch Range
Coordinates 40°35′46″N 111°37′16″W / 40.596029°N 111.621132°W / 40.596029; -111.621132Coordinates: 40°35′46″N 111°37′16″W / 40.596029°N 111.621132°W / 40.596029; -111.621132

Chad's Gap is a 120-foot (37 m) backcountry gap located in the Wasatch Mountains, approximately 0.6 miles (0.97 km) northeast of Alta Ski Area, in northern Utah, United States. One version of the structure's discovery has it that Chad Zurinskas, a local Utah resident after whom the gap was purportedly named, discovered it as a gap between two piles of mine tailings in 1999 and arranged with filmmaker Kris Ostness to make the first successful jump. The first successful jump was done by Candide Thovex.[1][2]

Chad's Gap in summer


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