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Chad (slang)

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The slang term Chad originated in Chicago as a pejorative term for young, upper-class, urban males.[1] In modern internet slang, the term can be similar to "bro" and generally refers to an "alpha male"[2] or otherwise a genetically superior male.[3][4]


The slang term "Chad" came into use[when?] in Chicago[1] as a derogatory way to describe a young urban American man, typically single and in his twenties or early thirties.[1]

In Chicago, the term was covered by a satirical website dedicated to the Lincoln Park Chad Society, a fictional social club based in Chicago's upscale Lincoln Park neighborhood.[5] A Chad was initially depicted as originating in Chicago's affluent North Shore suburbs (Highland Park, Evanston, Deerfield, Northbrook, Glenview, Glencoe, Winnetka, Wilmette, or Lake Forest), receiving a BMW for his 16th birthday, obtaining a law or business degree from a Big Ten university, belonging to a fraternity, moving to Lincoln Park, marrying a "Trixie", and then moving back to the North Shore suburbs.[6]

Manosphere and internet use

The term later[when?] came into use in incel forums and as internet slang to refer to sexually active, genetically superior men, or "alpha males".[7] Within the manosphere and internet culture, Chads are generally viewed as constituting the top decile in terms of genetic fitness.[8] In online animation drawings in the manosphere, a Chad is further tagged with an explicit last name and is often depicted as a muscular blond man with very pronounced masculine features. One such depiction, in the "Virgin vs. Chad" internet meme that originated from the /r9k/ board on 4chan in 2017, contrasts an introverted and insecure "Virgin" who acts normal, compared to a muscular and egotistical "Chad" who acts absurdly and over the top.[9] Chads are sometimes portrayed as the opposite to "omega" or "beta" males, and as physically attractive. The term Chad is sometimes used interchangeably with "slayer".[10] Due to their characterization as being genetically gifted and privileged—though sometimes depicted as shallow, air-headed, arrogant, and overtly sexual[11]—the term Chad is used in both a pejorative and complimentary way on incel forums and on the internet as a whole.[12][13]

The female counterpart to a Chad, in slang, is a "Stacy",[14][15][16][17] or previously, the "Trixie".[18]

"Gigachad" is a related internet meme that uses black-and-white photographs of a muscular male model. It is used to assert one's opinion as correct, without providing evidence or reasoning.[19]

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