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Chad Davidson (born 1970 in Southern California) is an American poet and translator.


Chad Davidson holds a BA, MA, and PhD in English from Cal State San Bernardino, the University of North Texas, and Binghamton University, respectively. He is currently Associate Professor of English at the University of West Georgia.[1] His poems and articles have appeared in AGNI, Colorado Review, Hotel Amerika, The Paris Review, Prairie Schooner,[2] Shenandoah, Virginia Quarterly Review,[3] The Writer's Chronicle, and elsewhere.


  • Crab Orchard Prize in Poetry


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for "Hockey Haiku: The Essential Collection":

Not since Agamemnon and Menelaus tore down the walls of Troy have we been witness to such atrocities as Poch and Davidson inflict upon us in their new anthology Hockey Haiku: the Essential Collection. Essential! The hubris! Have they forgotten all the groundbreaking work of their forebears in the realms of hockey haikuology? Let us pause for a moment and remember some of the titans of the hockey haiku anthologies. Where is Jan Svedic's 1954 classic, the fabulous Hockey Haiku! Hockey Haiku!? Ubi sunt Grady Deetler's 1961 opus, the grand and stately three-volume Blood and Ice? And what of contemporary must-reads, such as Darius Visparov's 1989 virtual pantheon of greats, the mythic More New Hockey Haiku? And these are just the more notables. I should like to say to Davidson and Poch: "Look on these works, ye Mighty, and despair." Alas, they wouldn't hear me for the din of their own super-inflated egos, so big I still spot them behind the monolithic Zambonies of hockey haikudom they hide behind.[4]

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