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Chad Holley was an Elsik High School sophomore at the time of his arrest in 2010 as an alleged burglary suspect. During the arrest, he was beaten and kicked by the Houston Police Department (HPD).[1] He was eventually found guilty and sentenced to probation until he turned 18.[2]

A surveillance video later aired by KTRK [3] that was leaked by an employee of a storage lot adjacent to the location of the beating after a short police chase.[4]

On June 13, 2012, having just come off of probation the preceding April, Chad Holley was again arrested, this time by the Harris County Sheriff's Office, along with three others as they tried to evade police. The four were seen running out of a northwest Harris County home with items and driving off. A witness reported the break-in and gave 911 a description and the license plate number to the vehicle. Officers responding to the burglary-in-progress call pulled the vehicle over, taking all four into custody. [5] Quanell X claims was that Chad was "off his medications for mental illness and is a special education student" and does not comprehend the consequences.[6]

Disciplinary actions[edit]

After an investigation, 12 officers were disciplined, 7 were fired, and 4 were charged. All appealed the decisions.[7] Officer Andrew Blomberg, the first of four officers to go on trial, has been acquitted of charges of "Official Oppression"[8]

New oversight[edit]

Mayor Parker says she'll be creating a new 20 member, independent police oversight board. There will also be a separate public safety advisory committee. The Office of Inspector General will act as confidential ombudsman for citizen complaints. The mayor said she will make an executive order, but the Houston Police Officer's Union says that step shouldn't be necessary as it would create an additional bureaucracy.[9][10]

Civilians documenting police[edit]

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland has said there has been an increase of people recording or taking pictures of police while making stops and is concerned that an intensifying anti-police sentiment in the community could increase negative interactions with residents.[11]


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