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Chad Peralta
Chad Peralta4.jpg
Born Richard Edward Peralta[fn 1]
Sydney, Australia
Other names Chad, Chad Peralta, Richard Peralta
Family Christopher Peralta
Raymond Peralta
Charlie Peralta
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Richard Edward Peralta,[fn 1][1] also known as Chad Peralta or Chad[1] only, is a singer and actor from the Philippines. He is a Filipino-Australian born in Sydney, Australia.[2]


Although Peralta was an information technology consultant, he is a musician who already composed and written several songs in Tagalog and English. He learned to play classic guitar at the age of twelve.[2]

As an artist[edit]

Peralta first appeared on Philippine television at the Season 1 airing of Pinoy Dream Academy, among co-participants Panky Trinidad, Irish Fullerton, Jay-R Siaboc, Ronnie Liang, and Yeng Constantino.[2]

Through ABS-CBN's Pinoy Dream Academy, Peralta was able to pursue his career as a musician in the Philippines. While participating in the reality-oriented program, Peralta underwent training and undergone experiences in improving his talent in singing. After several weeks, Nugen Music released his album composed of eleven of his songs, namely: Promise, Song For You, Time Machine, My Eyes Adored You, Kasalanan (Sin), Where Do I Begin?, Realist, I’ll Do Anything For You, Kung Pwede Lang Sana (Only If Possible), I Don’t Know, and the acoustic version of his Song For You. His songs use the pop rock and alternative pop genre, yet maintain the "mood of the song".[2]


Among Peralta's songs are listed below:[2]

  • Kasalanan
  • Realist
  • Tired of You
  • Kung Pwede Lang Sana
  • Song for You
  • Where Do I Begin?
  • My Eyes Adored You
  • Time Machine


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