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Chad Price was the lead singer for the melodic hardcore punk band ALL and alt-country band Drag the River. He is currently the lead singer for A Vulture Wake.

He joined ALL in 1993 as the band's third singer, after Dave Smalley and Scott Reynolds. He has appeared on the four most recent studio albums, as well as one live album. He is officially still a member of the band, although Scott Reynolds has been joining the band on certain live dates.

In 1996, while still active with ALL, Price formed Drag The River with Jon Snodgrass.[1] Drag The River announced a break in 2007,[2] although they were together again by 2008.

On October 29, 2009, Price released his first solo record Smile Sweet Face.[3] The following month, Price and Snodgrass performed 10 shows through Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida as part of The Revival Tour[4]

On August 13, 2018, Price released another solo record One Week on Joey Cape's One Week Records.[5]

Price has been a vegan since 2015. He was a vegetarian prior to becoming vegan.[6]


With ALL[edit]

With Drag The River[edit]

  • Hobo's Demo's (2000)
  • Closed' (2002)
  • Live at the Starlight (2002)
  • at the Green Door LP (2003)
  • Chicken Demo's (2004)
  • Hey Buddies... (2004)
  • Live at the Starlight/at the Green Door (double cd repress) (2000)
  • ...a way with women 7 inch (2004)
  • A Shame - Beautiful & Damned 7 inch (space mix) (2004)
  • It's Crazy (2006)
  • You Can't Live This Way (2008)
  • Bad At Breaking Up (2009)
  • 2010 Demons (2010)

With A Vulture Wake[edit]

  • The Appropriate Level of Outrage (2018)


  • Smile Sweet Face (2009)
  • One Week (2018)



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