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Shirt badge/Association crest
Association Fédération Tchadienne de Football
Confederation CAF (Africa)
Sub-confederation UNIFFAC
(Central Africa)

Chad women's national football team does not officially exist, lacking any FIFA recognition, having not played in any FIFA recognised matches and failing to have competed in major regional and international competitions.


In 1985, almost no country in the world had a women's national football team.[1] A women's football programme was first organised in Chad in 1986. In 2009 though, there was no school, university or national competition for women though there are 38 teams for junior women and 32 for senior women. Beyond this, there were no FIFA-recognised senior national or FIFA-recognised youth teams.[2] A national team has not played in a single FIFA-sanctioned match,[3] competed at the Women's World Cup,[4] played in the 2010 African Women's Championships during the preliminary rounds,[5] or the 2011 All Africa Games.[6] In March 2012, the team was not ranked in the world by FIFA.[7]

Background and development[edit]

The development of women's football on the continent has been lacking a result of several factors, including limited access to education, poverty amongst women in the wider society, and fundamental inequality present in the society that occasions female human rights abuses.[8] Funding also in an impediment, with most funding for women's football in Africa coming from FIFA instead of the national football association.[9] If quality female footballers do develop, many leave the continent seeking greater opportunity in Northern Europe or the United States.[9]

With a FIFA trigramme of CHA,[10] Chad has limited female participation in football having only 1,010 registered female footballers in 2006.[11] Rights to broadcast the 2011 Women's World Cup in the country were bought by the African Union of Broadcasting.[12]


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