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Jatayu Rock
Chadayamangalam is located in Kerala
Chadayamangalam is located in India
Location in Kerala, India
Coordinates: 8°50′32″N 76°51′52″E / 8.8421200°N 76.864440°E / 8.8421200; 76.864440Coordinates: 8°50′32″N 76°51′52″E / 8.8421200°N 76.864440°E / 8.8421200; 76.864440
Country  India
State Kerala
District Kollam
 • Body Nagar Palika
Population (2001)
 • Total 22,213
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 691534
Telephone code 0474
Vehicle registration KL-24

Chadayamangalam is a town located in Kollam District of southern India; Kerala "God's Own Country" . The place is named after 'Nedila Paranthaka Nedumchadayan' who ruled Chadayamangalam and nearby places during 7th century AD.

Details of Chadayamangalam[edit]

Chadayamangalam" or "Jadayumangalam" is historically an important place. It is 43 km away from capital city Trivandrum. It's a beautiful town lying between Kilimanoor and Kottarakara, 14 km away from Kilimanoor and 21 km from Kottarakara. It is situated on the southeast side of Kottarakkara Taluk and this place is enriched with huge Black Rocks which attracts and fascinates everyone who looks upon them. Neighbouring towns are (Kadakkal) & (Ayoor) which is 8 km, 3 km from Chadayamangalam Junction. This is one of the large blocks in the district with an area of 249.09696454654 km2. Paddy, coconut, rubber, tapioca, pepper, cashew nut, banana, areca nuts etc. are the major crops under cultivation in the block. Two industrial estate and five industrial co-operative institutions are functioning here. Population is of 22,213. Panchayat includes Chithra, Kadakkal, Chadayamangalam, Ittiva, Velinalloor, Elamadu & Nilamel.

Epical Reference[edit]

The place has connections to the stories in the Hindu Indian epic called the Ramayana. History says that, when Ravana the king of asuras, kidnapped Sita wife of Lord Sri Rama and tried to take her to his kingdom Lanka on his Pushpaka Vimana, Jatayu; the huge bird opposes and result in a battle between them. In the war Ravana slit Jatayu's one wing and escaped to Lanka with Sita. With a fatal wound, Jatayu falls on top of a big rock. Later Rama & Lakshmana found the wounded Jatayu and he passed the message and died on the laps of Rama. Hence, the rock got the name Jadayupara.

Jatayu is the son of Aruṇa and nephew of Garuda who has the form of a vulture. Jadayu Para is well known as a tourist destination and a place of pilgrimage. Right on top the rock the building of a huge functional sculpture of the Great Bird Jatayu is under way. An 18 ft high Statue of Lord Sri Rama Chandra is being constructed on the top of Jadayupara.

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