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Party for Democracy and Progress
Leader Freeman Mbowe
Founded 28 May 1992
Ideology Conservatism
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation International Democrat Union (associate)
49 / 353
0 / 9
Pan-African Parliament
0 / 5
Party flag
Chadema bendera.jpg
Politics of Tanzania
Political parties

Chadema is a center-right political party in Tanzania. It campaigns largely on an anti-corruption platform. The name is short for Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo, Swahili for Party for Democracy and Progress.


In the 1995 general election, the party won 4 out of 269 seats in the National Assembly.and 42 councillors nationwide.

In 2000 election, the party did not have the presidential candidate but it won five seats in National Assembly elections held on the same day.75 Councillors and three district councils : kigoma,karatu and Tarime.

In the 2005 elections Chadema's presidential candidate, Freeman Mbowe, finished third out of ten candidates, with 5.88% of the vote. further increased its share in the national assembly as it continued becoming more popular and popular especially among the youths and managed to get eleven members of parliament 103 Councillors and retained the district councils of Kigoma,Tarime and Karatu.In the 2010 general elections, Chadema substantially increased its share of the national vote. Dr. Willbrod Peter Slaa, currently Secretary General of the party, gained 27.1% of the vote in the presidential election, a substantial increase on the 5.88% of the vote gained by the Chadema candidate in the 2005 election. The party also won 48 seats making it the second-largest party in the National Assembly for the first time and a further 467 Councillors and 7 Districts councils most of the seats won by Chadema geographically are constituencies found in major towns and urban areas of Tanzania like Moshi urban, Mwanza, Arusha, Mbeya city and Dar es Salaam in particular. In the upcoming general election, October 2015, Chadema has joined other opposition political parties like CUF (Civil United Front), DP and others to form Umoja wa Katiba ya Wananchi (Ukawa) and the union is expected to be represented by one candidate in presidential post.


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