2001 Chadian presidential election

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Presidential elections were held in Chad on 20 May 2001. Incumbent President Idriss Déby of the Patriotic Salvation Movement was re-elected with 63% of the vote.


Déby stood as a candidate for a second term, and was supported by former opponent, Lol Mahamat Choua, leader of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP).


Candidate Party Votes %
Idriss Déby Patriotic Salvation Movement 1,533,509 63.17
Ngarlejy Yorongar Federation, Action for the Republic 396,864 16.35
Saleh Kebzabo National Union for Democracy and Renewal 169,917 7.00
Wadel Abdelkader Kamougué Union for Renewal and Democracy 146,125 6.02
Ibni Oumar Mahamat Saleh Party for Liberty and Development 70,248 2.89
Delwa Kassiré Koumakoye National Rally for Development and Progress 57,382 2.36
Jean Alingué Bawoyeu Union for Democracy and the Republic 53,513 2.20
Invalid/blank votes 69,657
Total 2,497,215 100
Registered voters/turnout 4,069,099 61.37
Source: African Elections Database


The election results, showing a first-round majority for Déby, were contested by all of the opposition candidates. On 28 May the six opposition candidates were briefly arrested after meeting at the home of one of them, Saleh Kebzabo, and four opposition activists were killed in the action. They were released half-an-hour later.

Two days later, the six candidates and as many as 40 activists were once again arrested as the opposition prepared to lead a funeral procession for one of those killed two days earlier. They were all released after a direct phone call to Déby from the World Bank's President James Wolfensohn.

Déby was sworn in for another term on 8 August.[1]


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