Chadwick Bay

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Chadwick Bay
Chadwick Bay
Chadwick Bay - January, 2010
Location Dunkirk, New York
Coordinates 42°29′26″N 79°20′17″W / 42.490613°N 79.338099°W / 42.490613; -79.338099Coordinates: 42°29′26″N 79°20′17″W / 42.490613°N 79.338099°W / 42.490613; -79.338099
Islands none
References [1]

Chadwick Bay, is the name of a bay located in Dunkirk, New York on Lake Erie. It is also known as Dunkirk Harbor and also Garnsey's Bay.[1]

The bay takes its name from Solomon Chadwick who first immigrated to the area from Weston, MA in 1810.[2] The bay has become a popular symbol of the local area as many businesses, charities, and government organizations have attached the name Chadwick Bay to their products and or services.[3][4]


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