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Chadwick International
Songdo, Incheon
South Korea
Type Independent
International School
Established 2010

Shelly Luke Wille
"Head of School
Craig Williamson
Assistant Head of School'
Julian Taylor
"Village School Principal"
Connie Kim
"Middle School Principal"

Russell McGrath
"Upper School Principal"
Enrollment 1160 students in 2016-17 school year
Student to teacher ratio 1:8
Campus Urban
1.7 acres (6,900 m2)
500,000 square feet (46,000 m2)
Mascot The Dolphin
School Song Chadwick Fight Song

Chadwick International (Korean: 채드윅송도국제학교)[1] is a PK-12,[2] coeducational, nonsectarian, non-profit, independent, day school located in the Songdo International City, Republic of Korea.[3] The curriculum is based on IB program and received PYP and DP accreditations. CI is a candidate school for MYP. It is currently run by and named after Chadwick School in Palos Verdes, California in the United States of America.


Chadwick International was created with a 150 billion won (135 million USD) investment by the Incheon Metropolitan City government[4] as part of the $40+ billion Songdo International Business District.

Extracurricular Activities[edit]


Chadwick International participates in KAIAC and KISAC sports leagues[5]

Outdoor Education[edit]

Chadwick International has also begun an outdoor education program like its parent school.[6]

Year Location(s) Length Notes
8th Grade Bangtaesan National Natural Recreation Forest 5 days Base camp trip
9th Grade Namhae Island 5 days Multipart trip

Facts and Figures[edit]

  • As of 2016 those fees are closer to USD 35,000 and the cost doesn't include lunch and school bus fees.


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