Chadwick Lakes

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One of the dams surrounded by fields, in Rabat

Chadwick Lakes are a number of dams, pouring into each other, on the island of Malta. Their location extends from Qliegħa Valley in the limits of Mtarfa and Rabat, and extends to Ghasel Valley in the peripheries of Mosta.[1] It consists of a complex system of well-planned small dams, draining into Speranza Valley, then at Salina Bay, and then into the sea.[2]


The lakes consists of a number of dams constructed by Sir Osbert Chadwick, a British Engineer, in the late 19th Century.[1] The valley consists of a complex system of well-planned small dams, draining into Wied Speranza and ending at Salina Bay into the sea.[2] The valley provides farmers with water to irrigate their land.[1] Wied il-Qliegħa is only full during the winter months.[2] During this period, the lakes are abundant of life. Biodiversity include of several indigenous plants, insects and tadpoles/frogs.[1]

Chadwick Lakes is Malta's only freshwater stream big enough to be called a rivulet, providing a tranquil environment for the people to enjoy.[2][3]

In February 2009, Matthew Psaila a 19 year old gunner, drowned during an Armed Forces of Malta training exercise in Wied il-Qliegħa. This particular exercise is part of the C Company's training syllabus and had been practiced for several years.[4]


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