Chadwick Professor of Civil Engineering

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Sir Edwin Chadwick, who the professorship is named after

The Chadwick Professor of Civil Engineering is a professorship at University College London. It is named after Sir Edwin Chadwick, a Victorian social reformer who worked to improve sanitation conditions.[1] The professorship was established in 1898 as the Chadwick Professorship of Municipal Engineering, with Edwin Chadwick's son Osbert Chadwick serving as the first professor.[1]

Chadwick Professors of Civil Engineering[edit]

Years Name Notes
1898–1911 Osbert Chadwick [1]
1961–1969 Henry Chilver [2]
1969–1984 Kenneth Kemp
1984–1992 Kenneth Ives [3]
1992–2004 James Croll
2004–present Nick Tyler


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