Chaeng Mean Chey

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Chaeng Mean Chey
ឃុំ ចែងមានជ័យ
Country  Cambodia
Province Battambang Province
District Banan District
Villages 7
Time zone UTC+07

Chaeng Mean Chey (Khmer: ឃុំ ចែងមានជ័យ) is a khum (commune) of Banan District in Battambang Province in north-western Cambodia.[1]


Chaeng Mean Chey contains seven villages.[2]

Name Khmer Village code
Rung រូង 2010501
Chaeng ចែង 2010502
Kampong Kol កំពង់គល់ 2010503
Thngaor ធ្ងរ័ 2010504
Boh Khnor បុះខ្នុរ 2010505
Changhour Svay ចង្ហូរស្វាយ 2010506
Doung ដូង 2010507