Chaffin's Farm Confederate order of battle

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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Chaffin's Farm of the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is shown separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of Northern Virginia[edit]

Gen Robert E. Lee

First Corps[edit]

LTG Richard H. Anderson

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Field’s Division
MG Charles W. Field

Gregg’s Texas Brigade

   BG John Gregg

Benning’s Brigade

   Col Dudley M. Du Bose

Anderson’s Brigade

   BG George T. Anderson

Law’s Brigade

   Col Pinckney D. Bowles

  • 4th Alabama Infantry
  • 15th Alabama Infantry
  • 44th Alabama Infantry
  • 47th Alabama Infantry
  • 48th Alabama Infantry
Bratton’s Brigade

   BG John Bratton

  • 1st South Carolina Infantry
  • 2nd South Carolina Rifle
  • 5th South Carolina Infantry
  • 6th South Carolina Infantry
  • Palmetto Sharpshooters


1st Virginia Light Artillery Battalion

   Ltc Robert Archelaus Hardaway

  • 3rd Richmond Howitzers (Virginia)
  • 1st Rockbridge Artillery (Virginia)
  • Powhatan Artillery (Virginia)
  • Salem Flying Artillery (Virginia)

Department of North Carolina & Southern Virginia[edit]

Gen P. G. T. Beauregard

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Hoke’s Division
     MG Robert F. Hoke

Clingman’s Brigade

   Col Hector M. McKethan

  • 8th North Carolina Infantry
  • 31st North Carolina Infantry
  • 51st North Carolina Infantry
  • 61st North Carolina Infantry
Collquitt’s Brigade

   BG Alfred H. Colquitt

  • 6th Georgia Infantry
  • 19th Georgia Infantry
  • 23rd Georgia Infantry
  • 27th Georgia Infantry
  • 28th Georgia Infantry
Hagood’s Brigade

   BG Johnson Hagood

  • 11th South Carolina Infantry
  • 21st South Carolina Infantry
  • 25th South Carolina Infantry
  • 27th South Carolina Infantry
  • 7th South Carolina Infantry Battalion
Martin’s Brigade

BG William W. Kirkland

Department of Richmond[edit]

LTG Richard S. Ewell

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Defenses of Richmond

Johnson’s Brigade

   Col John M. Hughs

  • 17th Tennessee Infantry
  • 23rd Tennessee Infantry
  • 25th Tennessee Infantry
  • 44th Tennessee Infantry
  • 63rd Tennessee Infantry
  • 1st Virginia Reserve Battalion - Maj James Strange
  • 2nd Virginia Reserve Battalion - Ltc John H. Guy
  • 25th Virginia Battalion - Maj Wyatt Elliott
Gary’s Brigade

   BG Martin W. Gary

Reserve Forces of Virginia[edit]

MG James L. Kemper

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Barton’s Division
MG Seth M. Barton

Local Defense

   BG Patrick T. Moore

  • 1st Virginia LDF Battalion
  • 2nd Virginia LDF
  • 3rd Virginia LDF
  • 4th Virginia LDF Battalion
  • 5th Virginia LDF Battalion
  • VMI Cadet Company Battalion
  • Richmond Ambulance Company
  • Detail Maryland Line
Barton's City Brigade

   Col Meriwether Lewis Clark, Sr.

  • 1st City Regiment
  • 2nd City Regiment
  • 3rd City Regiment
  • 4th City Regiment
  • Castle Thunder Company
Independent Richmond Infantry
  • 1st Virginia Militia
  • 3rd Virginia Reserve Battalion
  • 19th Virginia Militia
  • Provost Guard
Independent Richmond Cavalry
  • 1st Virginia LDF Cavalry Battalion
  • Owen’s City Cavalry Regiment

Artillery Defense
Ltc John C. Pemberton

First Division

   Ltc John W. Atkinson

  • 10th Virginia Heavy Artillery Battalion
  • 19th Virginia Heavy Artillery Battalion
Second Division

   Ltc James M. Howard

  • 18th Virginia Heavy Artillery Battalion
  • 20th Virginia Heavy Artillery Battalion
Lightfoot's Battalion

   Ltc Charles E. Lightfoot

  • Caroline Artillery
  • Second Nelson Artillery
  • Surry Light Artillery
Stark’s Battalion

   Maj Alexander W. Stark

  • Louisiana Guard Artillery
  • Mathews Artillery
  • McComas Artillery
Chaffin’s Bluff Battalion

   Ltc John Minor Maury

  • Goochland Artillery
  • Norfolk Howitzers
  • James City Artillery
  • Pamunkey Artillery
  • Lunenburg Artillery