Chagan Lake (China)

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For the lake in Kazakhstan, see Lake Chagan (Kazakhstan).
Chagan Lake
Location Jilin, China
Coordinates 45°15′N 124°17′E / 45.25°N 124.28°E / 45.25; 124.28Coordinates: 45°15′N 124°17′E / 45.25°N 124.28°E / 45.25; 124.28
Basin countries China
Surface area 480 km2 (190 sq mi)
Water volume 700×10^6 m3 (25×10^9 cu ft)

Chagan Lake (Chinese: 查干湖; pinyin: chágān hú) is a lake in Jilin, China. The name "Chagan" is from Mongolian (ᠴᠠᠭᠠᠨ
, transliteration : Chaɣan naɣur, Cyrillic mongolian : цагаан нуур, transliteration MNS : tsagaan nuur), meaning "white lac". The lake is often referred to as Sacred Pond (?) or Holy Water Lake (simplified Chinese: 圣水湖; traditional Chinese: 聖水湖; pinyin: shèngshuǐ hú) by local people. The lake is known for traditional winter fishing that dates back to prehistoric times.

Chagan Naoer Winter Fishing Tradition[edit]

Chagan Lake is the only place that saves the oldest Mongolia fishing method. It is listed as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage of the People's Republic of China.

The annual Winter Fishing Festival is held to remember the old winter fishing tradition. Fishermen first drill many holes through the thick ice and then place net under the ice. The Lake set a Guinness World Record of a single net that yielded 104,500 kg (230,400 lb) fish in 2005, and broke its own record with168,500 kg (371,500 lb) of fish in 2008.