Chahtoul-Jouret Mhad

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Chahtoul-Jouret Mhad
جورة مهاد-شحتول
Map showing the location of Chahtoul within Lebanon
Map showing the location of Chahtoul within Lebanon
Chahtoul-Jouret Mhad
Location within Lebanon
Coordinates: 34°1′57″N 35°43′14″E / 34.03250°N 35.72056°E / 34.03250; 35.72056Coordinates: 34°1′57″N 35°43′14″E / 34.03250°N 35.72056°E / 34.03250; 35.72056
Country  Lebanon
Governorate Mount Lebanon
District Keserwan
 • Total 2.9 km2 (1.1 sq mi)
Elevation 930 m (3,050 ft)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Dialing code +961

Chahtoul-Jouret Mhad (Arabic: جورة مهاد-شحتول‎‎; also spelled Shahtoul or Shahtul) is a municipality in the Keserwan District of the Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon. It consists of the villages of Chahtoul and Jouret Mhad. The municipality is located 32 kilometers north of Beirut. Its average elevation is 930 meters above sea level and its total land area is 290 hectares.[1]

Its inhabitants are predominantly Maronite Catholics.[2] The major families in Chahtoul include Ziadé, Salemé, Obeid, Kallassi, Najem, El-Khoury, Mnessa, Nader, Rizkalla, Oweiss. It is the hometown of the Lebanese writer May Ziade. A statue of her is situated in the village. Chahtoul is in the Dioceses of Jounieh.


  • Church of Saint-Joseph (town center)
  • Saydet el-Kalaa Church and Lady's Holy Cave


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