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Chai Wan Road near Wan Tsui Estate

Chai Wan Road (Chinese: 柴灣道; Cantonese Yale: chaai4 waan1 dou6) located in Hong Kong, is one of the major roads in Chai Wan on Hong Kong Island. It runs from Shau Kei Wan to Chai Wan through Chai Wan Gap; with one of the steepest inclines in Hong Kong on either side, with signs posted 1 in 10 gradient. It is therefore popularly referred to as Cheung Meng Che (長命斜), or long-lived incline.

The road was the only way towards Chai Wan before the opening of the Island Eastern Corridor and MTR Island Line. Currently, it is still the only pedestrian route connecting to Chai Wan.


From West to East:
Chai Wan Road starts from the connection with Shau Kei Wan Road and the off-ramp from the Island Eastern Corridor and then goes uphill through Chai Wan Gap. After junctioning with Tai Tam Road, it goes downhill into central Chai Wan, and intersects the Island Eastern Corridor's eastern terminus and Wan Tsui Road at a roundabout, before turning north-east and turning sharply to the east at the junction with Wing Tai Road and flows into Siu Sai Wan Road to the east at Sun Yip Street.


On 19 November 2012, three men were killed and 56 people were injured when a New World First Bus's driver became unconscious and hit a Kowloon Motor Bus and a taxi. British citizen Ivan Aranto Herrera Jorge and Swede Carl Magnus Lindgren, members of celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal's culinary team, were among the dead.[1]

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From West to East:

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