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Chaif (Чайф)
Чайф 2017.jpg
Concert in Toronto (Nov 2017)
Background information
OriginSverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg), USSR (Russia)
Genresrock, blues rock, reggae, rock and roll, punk rock(early)
Years active1985 (1985)–present
MembersVladimir Shakhrin,
Vladimir Begunov,
Valery Severin,
Vyacheslav Dvinin
Past membersVadim Kukushkin,
Silas Warren,
Vladimir Nazimov,
Igor Zlobin,
Alina Nifanteva,
Anton Nifantev,
Vladimir Privalov,
Vladimir Zheltovskih,
Pavel Ustyugov

Chaif (Чайф) is a Russian rock band formed in 1984 in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg), Russia, by Vladimir Shakhrin and Vladimir Begunov.[1] Their name is derived from the word chai, meaning tea, and kaif (slang word), meaning pleasure.[1] The band reached national fame in 1992 with songs such as Ne Speshi (Don't Hurry) and 17.[1] By 1997, the popularity of rock music had declined and they were playing smaller venues than at the height of their fame.[2] They have released several albums and are very popular in Russia and former Soviet states, but they are virtually unknown to the rest of the world. Their musical styles range from rock and roll to Blues and even some songs which feature a strong reggae influence. The band is still touring and releasing albums occasionally.[3]

After the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, Chaif took part in cultural meeting between delegations from Crimea and Sverdlovsk Oblast.[4] The lead singer of the band, Vladimir Shakhrin, was critical of Andrei Makarevich for supporting Ukraine's position in the conflict.[5]



Year Original title Translated title
1985 Жизнь в розовом дыму Life in a pink smoke
1986 Субботним вечером в Свердловске Saturday evening in Sverdlovsk
1988 Лучший город Европы The best city in Europe

Studio albums[edit]

Year Original title Translated title
1987 Дерьмонтин Leathercrap
1987 Дуля с маком Nuts to you
1989 Не беда It doesn't matter
1990 Давай вернёмся Let's return
1991 Четвёртый стул The Fourth chair
1993 Дети гор Children of mountains
1995 Пусть всё будет так, как ты захочешь Let everything be as you want
1996 Реальный мир Real world
1999 Шекогали Shekogali
2000 Симпатии Sympathies
2001 Время не ждёт Time doesn't wait
2003 48 48
2004 Изумрудные хиты (с ансамблем "Изумруд") Emerald hits (collaboration with Izumrud ensemble)
2006 От себя From myself
2009 Свой/Чужой Friend/Foe
2013 Кино, вино и домино Cinema, wine and dominoes

The Oranzhevoye Nastroenie series[edit]

Year Original title Translated title
1994 Оранжевое настроение Orange mood
1996 Оранжевое настроение — II Orange mood — II
2002 Оранжевое настроение — IV Orange mood — IV
2008 Оранжевое настроение — V Orange mood — V

Live albums[edit]

Year Original title Translated title
1995 Концерт Concert
2000 Чайф 15 лет Chaif 15 years
2005 Чайф 20 лет Chaif 20 years
2010 Чайф. 25 лет выдержки Chaif. 25 years old
2011 Зимняя Акустика. Снежные сны Winter acoustic. Snow dreams


Year Original title Translated title
1997 Акустические версии Acoustic versions
1998 Best of ЧАЙФ Best of Chaif
1998 Легенды русского рока. Чайф Legends of Russian rock. Chaif
1998 Избранное Selected
2009 25 лет выдержки 25 years old
2009 Лучшие песни (2CD) Best songs


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