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A chain gang is a system of labor (usually forced) that involves groups of prisoners, chained together, doing menial labor.

Chain gang may also refer to:

  • Chain gang (cycling), a group of cyclists in a close-knit formation, normally for the purposes of training
  • The chain crew, the officials on the sidelines of an American football game who carry the first-down indicators connected by chains
  • Chain Gang, fanclub name for WWE wrestler John Cena
  • Chain ganging, a jargon term in the field of international relations describing the elevated probability for inter-state conflict
  • A collective noun for a group of mayors, council chairmen and other civic dignitaries wearing their chains of office
In music
  • Chain Gang, an experimental punk rock band from New York City, best known for their '77 "Son of Sam" single and their '86 album/film soundtrack "Mondo Manhattan"
  • Chain Gang (song), a 1960 song by R&B singer Sam Cooke
  • "Chain Gang", a song by Bobby Scott in the 1950s
  • "Chain Gang", a B-side song to The Blue Hearts single "Kiss Shite Hoshii"
  • "Back on the Chain Gang", a song by The Pretenders
  • "Livin' on a Chain Gang", a song by the heavy metal band Skid Row
  • "Chain Gang is the Click", a song by John Cena and tha Trademarc from their 2005 album You Can't See Me
In film, radio and television
In literature