Chain of Desire

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Chain of Desire
Chain of Desire movieposter.jpg
Film poster
Directed byTemístocles López
Produced byBrian Cox
José Luis Garci
Doug Lindeman
George Moffly
Sudhir Pragjee
Anant Singh
Sanjeev Singh
Mickey Cottrell
Written byTemístocles López
StarringMalcolm McDowell
Linda Fiorentino
Elias Koteas
Angel Aviles
Patrick Bauchau
Grace Zabriskie
Jamie Harrold
Tim Guinee
Dewey Weber
Holly Marie Combs
Mickey Cottrell
Music byNathan Birnbaum
Peter Gordon
Jeffrey Kimball
CinematographyNancy Schreiber
Edited bySuzanne Fenn
Distributed byDistant Horizons
Mad Dog Pictures
MCA Home Video
Prism Entertainment Corporation
Cineplex-Odeon Home Video (Canada)
Release date
November 1992, (Italy, Turin Film Festival)
June 25, 1993 (USA)
July 30, 1993 (UK)
October 6, 1993 (USA, video premiere)
Running time
107 min.
Country United States
Box office$222,552 (United States)

Chain of Desire is an American 1992 drama - romance film directed by Temístocles López. The film was presented at the Turin Film Festival in November 1992 and was released in the USA on June 25, 1993.


A series of unrelated amorous lovers are connected by a chain of desire. It begins when a woman named Alma flees from a would-be lover. She runs into a church, where she meets a man named Jesus and they eventually make love.

Jesus goes home to wife Isa and they make love. Isa leaves for an appointment with Dr. Buckley, with whom she is having an affair. Buckley then visits Linda, a dominatrix. Linda goes home to husband Hubert, a television commentator. Hubert has sex without her knowledge with a male teen, Keith.

Keith is introduced to exotic dancer Diana, who then has a fling with a much older artist, Mel. He goes home to an angry wife, Cleo. And that night, all of these people end up at a nightclub where Alma is performing. Alma has just learned that the lover she fled has been diagnosed with AIDS.



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