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A chain weapon is a weapon made of one or more heavy objects attached to a chain, sometimes with a handle. The flail was one of the more common types of chain weapons associated with medieval Europe, although some flails used hinges instead of chains.

Chain weapons in Japan[edit]

There were several chain weapons that were used in feudal Japan; these weapons were allegedly used by the ninja. The shoge was a ring with a sickle-like knife on a chain that could be used to pierce armor, grapple, and to entangle the legs of man and horse. The kusari-gama was a kama on a handled chain. The chigriki was a staff with a weighted chain on the end. The manriki-gusari was a double weighted chain. The nunchaku was a short chain with two short wooden sticks on the ends. The nunchaku is often thought of as a feudal weapon. It was used in those times for farming and not as a weapon until much later.


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