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First single on Romantik Records

Chainsaw is the name of a punk rock band from Brussels, Belgium, formed in 1976 and split in 1978. It was one of the first punk bands in Belgium.

Chainsaw made one very sought after 7" in 77. In 78 they split and all members went to different punk bands. Dan Dee went to Modern World, Luna Park and made a Plastic Bertrand like single with Lou Deprijck; Jerry started X-Pulsion and Micky Mike did the thing with Fame and The End.

At the time of the split of Chainsaw, Jerry Wanker wrote for the rock music mag En Attendant and there he displayed his love for Kraftwerk, David Bowie, Brian Eno and the upcoming electromovement with the Human League and the like. He commented on the first Human League gig in Belgium and reviewed Kraftwerk's Man Machine.

With the birth of this movement he split from X-Pulsion and formed Digital Dance with members from different punk bands. He placed an ad for more members and a few months later Jean Marc Lederman (Jah-Marc) entered the picture. With this band he released 3 singles, one Kraftwerk cover with the lyrics substantially changed to reflect his love for his pet dog, one on his own label and one on the freshly founded Dirty Dance Records. The latter morphed into Soundworks Records and carried all Snowy Red's early vinyl.

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See Saw 7" EP 1977 - Romantik Records[edit]

  1. What Goes On
  2. Nuclear Apocalypse
  3. Kill in the Blanks
  4. Z'Heroes Guts

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